Friday, May 5, 2017

Biophilia Organic Farm CSA in Jamesport NY

Our friends at Biophilia Organic Farm on the East End in Jamesport.

We thought it was about time we mentioned some of our friends out in farm country who have been of great support to Tom's Honey Bees over the years.

The gang at Biophilia Organic Farm have been one such group year in and year out. They work a 14 acre Preserved Organic Farm in Jamesport growing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers every year for their CSA members. How does 5 dozen varieties of tomatoes (yes 5 dozen!) and nine varieties of garlic sound? Lettuce, kale, potatoes, carrots..... the veggie list goes on and on, berries, flowers and a whole lot of herbs. All Certified Organic and all about the best you'll ever taste.

I have an apiary on the farm to supply pollination to the crops and flowers and berries and fruits. It's been a pleasure. When a swarm issues from one of my hives, my phone rings right away so I know what has just happened. When we get freezing cold winter weather with wind and snow, I get regular updates about how the hives look. When all hell breaks loose during the nice spring weather and the bees are flying all over the farm, I get a call telling me how active they are that day. What more can I possibly ask for? and Farmer Phil Barbato is about the best steward of the land one could hope for, and he has become my friend.
The bees are healthy on Biophilia, they are safe and they make some terrific honey in a clean and wholesome environment.

Some information about Biophilia Organic Farm is below. Farmer Phil has the farm stand at the barn open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am-4pm if you'd like to stop by and see what goes on there for yourself. Take a little tour, walk around, watch my bees, talk to Phil and pet Pudgy the dog. This farm is not your typical East End farm and I say that proudly.
 Currently, there is a wide variety of veggie plants, herb plants and flower plants for sale this spring at the farm stand (and Tom's Honey). The name, Biophilia, says it all!   

The Biophilia CSA

 CSA shares are available now. As a CSA member, you will receive a variety of our freshly harvested, organic produce every week. The 2017 season will run for 20 weeks, from June 1-Oct. 13. Over the course of the season, the size and weight of shares will vary depending on what crops are being harvested. For instance, the fresh lettuce and greens in the beginning are lightweight and delicious, but when the squash, potatoes, and tomatoes come in starting in July, your share will weigh significantly more. Generally, a full share is enough for a family of three or more. The price of a full share is $550 for on-farm pickup or $650 for Port Jeff Brewery pickup. We also offer a weekly half share, generally enough for one or two people, for $345 on-farm pickup or $445 for Pt Jeff Brewery pickup. Final payments are due June 1st. We will fill slots as we receive payment. 


CSA members can also participate in the growing experience by purchasing a “working share” with their own labor. Labor equivalents are 4 hours per week, every week, for a full share. This is hard, demanding work, so talk it over with Phil before signing up.
 Pickups are primarily at the farm on Thursdays from 3:00-7:00 PM. A second pickup point is available at the Port Jeff Brewing Co. on Fridays from 1:00-7:00pm. If you cannot make a pickup you may have someone else pick up your box that week or we will donate it to charity.
Feel free to call or email (516-769-9732, with any questions you may have or to arrange a farm visit. We look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time.

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