Tuesday, June 7, 2016


So, the Black Locust has come and gone and didn't produce like it normally does. In fact, only half the trees bloomed and those that did bloomed for only a week. Wild black cherry is finished blooming as well.
But, we have had some rain and the white clover is blooming everywhere with
no signs of wilting off yet. White Dutch Clover loves moisture and cooler temperatures
which is just what we are having! Bees love white dutch and it makes a darn good honey.
Blooming now is hairy vetch, birds foot trefoil, the beginning of yellow sweet clover and some
sainfoin we tilled in last spring ('15) - and they are all great bee plants.
Some honey is capped but there is a lot of nectar in the supers that still needs to be cured by the bees. And much more to come if the weather gods give us some regular rainfall through June. I wonder
how the privet and linden bloom will be?
It's been an odd spring with lots of starts and stops but an interesting one nonetheless.

It was a really nice day to super up some hives today.