Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring Bee Yard Management

After a cold start to April the bees are right back on track doing
what bees do in the warmer temperatures and with ever more
flower and tree blossoms opening.
What do bees do in the Spring?
They collect pollen and nectar and make more bees! and lots of them.
The beekeepers job is to manage that population growth so all of the colonies
in the apiary are in optimum condition to collect as much nectar as possible. The nectar will be ripened by the bees and turned into our beloved honey later this summer.
Part of our management is to make new honey bee colonies to expand our apiary and to also offer some for sale to those that are interested in starting hives of their own.
The photo (from 4/13/16) shows four new colonies of bees sitting on top of existing hives separated by a wooden double screen board. The warm air from below rises and gives the new colony much needed heat to expand rapidly. In as little as 4 weeks they will be removed from their perches and placed on their own stand as a full colony of bees with a large population that is ready to make a honey crop for us.