Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Nucs

Spring Nucs

We are no longer taking orders for our Spring Nucs.
Spring Nucs are SOLD OUT for 2015.
As always, we will be making Summer Nucs in late June which will be available for sale sometime in late July or early August. Check back with us in June for details.
To all of our loyal customers, Thank You!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Are They Dead or Alive?

3/8/15 44 degrees F, partly cloudy
Finally a nice day to check the bees and give them some spring patties to help them brood up for the coming season. The snow was still deep but with the help of my snowshoes, and new bindings to hold my feet in them, I made it out to the hives.

All have made it through the winter Alive! I'm a very happy beekeeper.

On those few nice afternoons that we have had it looks like the bees were able to get out and relieve themselves as evidenced by the little yellowish/brown spots in the snow around the hives. I bet they caused traffic jams at the exit holes of the hives on those reasonable afternoons with all of them trying to get out at the same time to poop while the temperatures warmed a bit to fly safely!

The bees now have enough carbohydrates and protein in store until the maples and elm trees start to bloom and supply them with tree pollen and nectar. Maybe the maples will bloom later this week or next week if the forecast holds true.

I am ready for Spring and so are the bees!

Monday, March 2, 2015

2015 CSA Shares

Our 2015 CSA Shares are Sold Out as of 3/2/2015
Tom's Honey will be available at our usual retail sellers and in our Etsy Store.

We are taking orders for our Spring Nucs, see the Catalog Page on our website.