Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Phony honey a sweet deal for counterfeiters, bad for consumers

Honey bees have been in the news regularly with discussion after discussion and article after article calling attention to the potential demise of the insect because of CCD, mites, environmental degradation, migratory beekeeping practices, etc. and the effects this may have on our food supply.  
What has been off of most everyone's radar, especially the news outlets, is the massive amount of mislabeled "honey" being sold to unsuspecting consumers. Some of this so called "honey" is not honey at all but ........  Well, no one is sure what it is, what is in it, or even where it comes from. It's been called counterfeit honey!

Date: Feb. 26, 2014
Source: Texas A&M university

Summary: Consumers buying honey might not be getting what they pay for according to one of the world’s leading honey experts, who is supporting a U.S. Senate bill that would, if passed, put more stringent requirements on the federal government to ensure the origin of imported honey and compel sellers to label it accurately.

Know what you're buying, know your local beekeeper.