Thursday, July 24, 2014

Spring Honey 2014

Light in color, floral and oh so sweet! The result of hard working honey bees and a fabulous Black Locust bloom this spring.
One rarely gets to taste a wildflower honey of this quality. It's Perfect Local Wildflower Honey!

Tom's local Long Island Honey

Thursday, July 3, 2014

2014 Honey is Now Available

*2014 Local Long Island Honey is Now Available*

We have harvested some of our 2014 honey crop and it is now available! The Spring/Early Summer honey we took off of the hives is a beautiful light colored floral honey that we are sure you're going to love. It's unique light color and delicate flavor is due to the spectacular Black Locust bloom this Spring.
It won't last so if you'd like to try a very unique tasting local honey from right here on Long Island get some soon.
We will harvest again later this Summer for our Late Summer/Fall honey. Honey harvested later in the year is amber in color and tends to be more robust in flavor.

With honey, it's all about what nectar the bees collect!